KING OF ANYTHING by Sara Bareilles

“All my life I’ve tried to make everybody happy while I just hurt and hide waiting for someone to tell me it’s my turn to decide.”

These are lyrics of Sara Bareilles’ King of Anything. I know you will read it again. Go ahead…

Done? Okay. Well this part of the song is nobody, nobody but me. I’m the type who makes everyone happy. Talk about altruism eh? But yes, I won’t talk about myself unless you ask me to. I don’t insist on letting you do something for me if it’s not convenient for you. I won’t ask you to wait for me because I make sure I’ll be there first before you. Wait. Make this paragraph, I mean, the verbs on this paragraph, past tense. Because I’ve said goodbye to that old trying-hard-to-please-everybody kind of girl.

It just gets tiring sometimes to go out of your way to make sure everyone’s okay because it simply is not possible. In one way or another, you can’t help but disappoint them and not meet their expectations. In one way or another, you’ll realize you’ve been busy trying to make them happy that you’ve forgotten to wipe down your sweat and keep the smile on your face. You’ll get tired because someone has made you realize that you don’t have to do everything for them to stay with you. You’ll realize that if they really have wanted to stay, they would even without you telling them to.

I’m a changed person. I put myself first. I make sure I’m happy with my decisions. I change my clothes if I’m not pleased with what my boyfriend asks me to wear. I let my nail polish dry first before replying to a friend’s text message. I don’t buy everything for the group now; I ask them to chip in.

I’m stronger…wiser…happier.

“So who cares if you disagree? You are not me. Who made you King of Anything?”