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I’m not sure why I’m doing this but I’ve already decided to make a blog about this pretty notebook I picked up in the jeepney while I was on my way to work. I thought of just setting it aside but I quite can’t stop reading the whole thing. Okay, I’m really into reading. And when I got this Untitled Notebook of Ms. Anonymous, I thought of posting it on the internet and see if she’s really a good writer or I’m just an addict reader. Well, I think I’m just so unlearned to find her insights and realizations quite appealing. She’s a serious type and I would understand if serious doesn’t get you reading more from here. I know that “serious” things are a little too close to boring. But for some of you who can tolerate boredom like I do, you need to give me time to type everything from the notebook, because I only got a hardcopy. I’d like to thank the owner of this notebook. I’ve tried what I can to find you and return this treasure to you, but I failed. I really learned a lot from everything you’ve written here. Hence, let me make you immortal. 🙂


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